Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stream Waterwheel, Watch Vids, and Unreleased Song

Greetings! Aoeria is a rock band from New York here to bring you music apart from the norm.

Our first album Waterwheel is out now and we invite you to listen!

Check it out here on iLike for free or AmieSt to listen to/download Waterwheel with about the nicest mp3s possible Waterwheel on iLike, Waterwheel on AmieSt

Check out Aoeria's Myspace to stream Waterwheel in it's entirety,

Help spread the word and send our myspace page to anyone who might like us, also add us as friends and we'll let you know about happenings and shows~

Aoeria took photos while making Waterwheel which became the artwork for the the album, the DVD also features montages/videos for each song using different photos to follow the changes in the songs, and possibly to give some kind of vague bizarre narrative portrayal.
The videos can be seen on YouTube

Unreleased Song: We would like to release this previously unheard song recorded while Waterwheel was made, it wasn't included because we felt the CD was complete, but if you listen all the way through on the DVD it will play, and it's also accessible from hidden link's on the cherub's light switch in the song menu! The song can be referred to as "Disenchanted" but thats really the name of a much earlier version with different lyrics. For a download link sign up for the Aoeria news list

If you dig check out the CD for some pictures and improved sound, available from most places including Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes, or from

The DVD has even higher definition sound than CD (24bit 48khz- more analog goodness from the master tapes!!!) and video/photo montage's for each of the 10 songs. It also 1 hr of extra music including live improvs and early versions, studio pictures and extra songs. DVDs can be found at Amazon and FilmBaby

PS-the CDs & DVDs are 100% band made and designed!!!!

Thanks for listening and checking Aoeria out!!!!

-Frank - guitar, voice / Aoeria

~Super Perfundo on the Early Eve of Your Day~
- Reoccuring Dream Character

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