Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday, Novemeber 2nd

Hello everyone, hope you had a thrilling All Hallow's Eve experience. We whipped up a few treats for you. Have a taste of this improv song. We also set up microphones to record singing on new songs. See you soon

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Show in NY Friday September 20: Fat Baby 9pm

Happy September! The days are still hot, but the night heat is getting drawn out to see by the winds. We have been playing lots, jamming, making new songs, and preparing for the our show next week.

We will be playing at Fat Baby in New York City on Friday September 20th with sweet tunes and grooves from Dog Water and Nafsi Groove. There are a few surprises in store for, along with a complimentary CD/DVD along with more goodies at our space on the side of venue. Grab a friend or two and head over, your help in spreading the word and checking us out live really is important and means lots to us.

(you can download the image in full page print ready form here: fat baby poster fullsize) right click to save

Here's a few event pages and show time and location.
Dog Water 8pm .
oeria 9pm.
Nafsi Groove 10pm
*approximate times:

Fat Baby NY
112 Rivington St.
New York, NY 10002

subway directions

event on facebook reverbnation wordpress blogspot

directions from 495 on LI:
I-495 West toward New York 16.3 mi
At exit 17W, take ramp right for I-278 West (BQE - Brooklyn Queens Expressway) 2.1 mi
At exit 32A on left toward Williamsburg Bridge 1.4mi
Williamsburg Bridge becomes Delancey St., get in the right lane early for next turn 500ft
5Turn right onto Essex St (if you miss it wait for the next right and go around the block and look for a spot) 500ft
Take first left onto Rivington St 80ft
Fat Baby on left at #112 Rivington St.

(if you miss the Essex turn (almost inevitable) just take the next right on Orchard or Allan and go around the block from Stanton and look for a spot)

Thank you for tuning in and hope to see or hear from you soon.
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome Erik on Bass! New York show September 20th

Welcome Aoeria's new bassist Erik!  our new lineup is Erik Diaz on bass, Toby Bruzik on drums, and Frank Giliberti on guitar and singing.
Here are some pictures from our recent stops by the Front Street Pub in Massapequa for some jams. We will be posting some of our recent studio improvisations soon. Also check out our soundcloud and facebook accounts listed below for updates as they happen

Thank you for tuning in and hope to see or hear from you soon.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Aoeria Newsletter August 201, Show 8/14 at Spike Hill, Brooklyn, NY

Hey Everybody,

Unfortunately the Thursday 8/8 show has been cancelled, but we want to play for you and just added a 8pm pit stop next Wednesday 8/14 at Spike Hill in Brooklyn. If you can make it enjoy some spacey sounds with us to start off the evening 186 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Love from Aoeria

August 25 Summer update
Hey everybody! How's it going? We took a little Summer break to hang out in the shade, listen to lots of new music, and get our energy renewed. We have a bunch of songs that we have been crafting and really want you to hear them! Melodies now need to be set to words and feelings and colors we envision reacting to the whole sound of the music will be evoked by guitars. In the meantime we have some tidbits that we cooked up on the side. Maybe one day we'll gather all of them for a main course, something like Aoeria's Jam Stew. Here's one from last Saturday, August 25th that you can have a mp3 of follow this link. Enjoy!
July & August Update (late posting)
Here's some pictures from the mixing and mastering sessions for Praise to All You Hear. Both can be saved our view in full size, click either or right click and save as.
Here's a picture of the Studer a820 tape recorder in action mixing & mastering Praise to All You Hear. We also did Waterwheel with it. There aren't many of these around, especially looking and sounding so pretty. We were lucky to have Kim Stallings from Sony Studios take care of it. Thanks Kim!

Here's of when we mixed Praise to All You Hear. The device you see is a Mu-Tron Bi-Phase from the 70s, used to gently massage the sounds in a swirling array, much like the colors on the screen

And a special giveaway anniversary celebration!
It was two years ago today that Praise to All You Hear came out to play. We would like to say from us to you, thank you for all that you do. May the music rise to meet you, and to thine own self sky blue.
Here's a pic of the album with all the panels that go inside. We have two copies of the album with handwritten song titles and cover, email if you'd like one. Thanks for listing to Aoeria!!! Frank

July 13, '12 New Interview
Here's an interview we did with Vents Magazine a few months before the one we posted from ProjectFresh. It has info about the idea of the band, our musicial inspirations, funny hypothetical questions, and a few new pics. Enjoy!

A Whole Lotta Updates from Aoeria

July 13, '12 New Interview
Here's an interview we did with Vents Magazine a few months before the one we posted from ProjectFresh. It has info about the idea of the band, our musicial inspirations, funny hypothetical questions, and a few new pics. Enjoy!
July 2, '12 New Album Update:
The new album is coming along nicely, the sounds will be familiar and new. The mix of the thick guitars, driving drums, stretched bass strings, and intertwining melodies is in full swing. Now the sonics have been a bit expanded, there are new instruments never used on aoeria songs before. Percussion like shakers and tambourines sprinkle the rhythms, organs swirl between the speakers, and acoustic guitars mesh with fuzz guitars in a tight weave. Can't wait to share the sounds with everyone.

We added Hi-def Praise to All You Hear and Waterwheel at Bandcamp!
(24bit and 48/96khz flacs & more, Cd/Dvd sets available with hi-def audio pictures and more)
Bandcamp, a great site that helps small bands like us put up cool stuff as direct as possible from us to you. Standard-definition CDs Wavs and Mp3s are 16 bit 44.1khz (like classic video games) but our Hi-Def Wav, Mp3, & Dvd are 24bit 96khz (Waterwheel is 24/48), like most Blu-Rays. Download Shuttle or Wonder for free to see how you like it.
The hi-def files are available in many formats; we recommend Flacs to make uncompressed Wav files which are right off the master reel (yep, we use tape), read bandcamp's instructions. They also offer higher quality mp3s, but check compatibility for portable use, you may want our standard-def version with CD format wavs and ipod friendly mp3s. Happy listening! -Frank
Praise to All You Hear (24bit 96khz flacs & more, Cd/Dvd sets available with hi-def audio & artwork during songs)
Waterwheel (24bit 48khz flacs & more, Cd/Dvd sets available with hi-def audio pictures, artwork during songs & bonus)

June '12, new interview!

Read Aoeria's interview with ProjectFresh, the first I've done about the band!

Also check out our facebook page for more pictures. You can see the collection of artifacts I made into the album cover for Waterwheel and my latest guitar, a Gibson Es-339, which I used on the new album for some really soaring parts.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning,
collecting my roots
Reverberations of a still present
beat, bass growl,
Cropping up in the yellow glow,
fuzzy feedback hums
Bubbles of song
rising from the deep
A quiet meditation and a tuning
of the senses to an omnidirectional
point, presence, space

Open up the lines to receive
and transmit